Kristin Shapiro: Grades 10-12 -

Brenda Hadley: Grades 7-9 -

Google Classroom Codes:

9th grade GT code: 6asgxca

10-12th GT code: ghnhoag

Our Mission

Florence Jr Sr High School aims to establish a Gifted and Talented (GT) program that is worthy of our status as a destination district.

This year Gifted students will continue to be challenged in advanced academics via the following classes:

  • Honors 9th, 10th, and 11th grade ELA courses along with dual enrollment Pueblo Community College classes in Language Composition, Technical writing and Creative Writing.
  • Honors 9th grade biology, 10th grade Chemistry, and AP/dual enrollment Environmental Science in Science courses.
  • AP Calculus in Math classes as well as the opportunity for 8th grade students to test into 9th grade Algebra.
  • Dual credit Colorado History and dual credit World History for 10-12th grades in social studies.

This year teachers will receive additional training in student choice and gifted curriculum differentiation within the classroom.

Meetings and other news

Beginning in 2021-2022 high school (9-12th) students will have optional gifted meetings on Wednesdays in Ms. Shapiro’s classroom (A-215 - across from the library).  Students will have the opportunity to share their experiences as gifted students, struggles they are dealing with, hopes for the upcoming year, and work towards achieving goals.  Students will also have the opportunity to investigate college programs or after-high school plans, apply for scholarships, and work on college applications.  8th grade students will have optional meetings on Wednesdays in Mrs. Hadley’s classroom in the ELA Pod.  7th Grade meetings are TBD.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work on a passion project of their choosing one day after school.  Time is TBA.  Students will be provided with space and support to work on a project that the student directs.  This could be investigating a topic of their choosing, work on a school or outside project, time for homework with teacher support, help with organization and classroom management, or to start a club of their choosing.  Information can be found in google classroom.