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About Florence Jr./Sr. High School
Mission Statement
Our mission is to prepare all students in a safe, nonthreatening environment, to become life long learners who are self-supporting, responsible, and participating members of a global society.
Vision Statement
Florence High School is committed to EXCELLENCE in academics, activities and athletics; while building foundations for the future through RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.
Our Beliefs
We believe... the worth of each individual;

...all students can learn and achieve; recognizing and meeting the needs of the individual student; is a responsibility shared by the student, home, school, and community;

...striving for excellence is worth the investment;

...high expectations are necessary to achieve excellence; challenging all students to do their best; is essential for a democratic society; is a valuable asset; must be relevant to the real world;

...change creates the opportunity to improve;

...a quality school system enhances the quality of the community; and

...learning is a life-long process.
The Five Essential Expectations
Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to work.

Have all necessary materials.
Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
Be responsible for having all work completed.

Make appropriate decisions.

Respect yourself, others, the school and your community.
Think before you act — then act and don't react!
Be responsible and accept the consequences of all your actions — both good and bad.
Have a positive mental attitude.

Encourage, support and honor your classmates.

Bring enthusiasm of learning to your classes.
Know you get out of life what you put into it — so make it good.

Be an active learner.

Be prepared and participate every day.
Ask for and seek a higher level of thinking and relevance — don't accept mediocrity.
Learn to love learning — knowing it is a life-long skill.

Look to the future — ask yourself.

Do I have a plan for my life?
Am I ready for the 21st century?
Remember - no one can take your education away from you!